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Some of my other teaching

Other courses taught at AUP:

  • Web Authoring - Short course introducing HTML, CSS and general principles of site design. Project based - undergraduate (18 contact hours) Spring 1997 - Fall 2008
  • Multi-agents systems - With a focus on distributed AI and deliberative agents, the course explores logic systems and architectures for multi-agents systems - undergraduate (35 contact hours) - Spring/Fall 2000
  • Digital media - Explores how digital communication has impacted media convergence, the technologies involved and the tools developed. Analyses the most relevant social, economical, and regulatory aspects of the use of these tools and technologies - undergraduate (35 contact hours) - Fall 2001 - Fall 2005
  • Compiler design - Techniques for the design of compilers for imperative, object oriented and functional programming languages. Small projects implementing compilers components using C++ - undergraduate (35 contact hours) - Spring 1999 - Spring 2000

Courses taught at other institutions

  • Perception and Attention. Lecture series with Ben Tatler (University of Dundee) at University of Tampere, Doctoral Program in User-Centered Information Technology (UCIT). 20 hours - Fall 2011
  • Virtual Communities and Intelligent Agents. Communautés Virtuelles, Agents intelligents. Université de Marne La Vallée. Two one semester courses for the Master Management et Ingénierie Économique. Spécialité: Projet, Innovation, Conception, option Gestion de la Connaissance. 20 hours - 3 crédits, (co-taught, in French, with Thierry Nabeth, INSEAD) Fall 2004 & Fall 2005

Lecture: Digital tightrope: Use and abuse of perceptual technologies - Scientific meeting on Perceptual technologies: from laboratory to real life at the Laboratorio di Azione, Percezione e Cognizione, San Raffaele 1.6.2017

Interview: Le design de l'attention (digitalsocietyforum) 26.11.2015

Seminar: Attention automatisée et design d’interface : Eyes tracking, GoogleGlass et Quantified Self – Le design de l’attention: Création et Automatisation - Institut de recherche et d’innovation Centre Pompidou and Biennale internationale de design de Saint-Etienne 24 March 2014

Panelist: Privacy in Computer Science Education – Computer, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) Conference 2015

On BBC-World The Forum: about interruptions - 12.1.2015

AUP's Principal Scientist for the PRIPARE project (PReparing Industry to Privacy-by-design by supporting its Application in REsearch) launched October 1st 2013.

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