Nahid Walji


.: Info

The American University of Paris
102 Rue Saint Dominique
Paris 75007

Email: nwalji at aup dot edu

.: Interests

Amongst other things, I am currently thinking about:
- Distribution of Hecke eigenvalues for Maass forms
- Matching densities for automorphic representations
- Refinements of strong multiplicity one for automorphic representations

.: Research

  • On the occurrence of Hecke eigenvalues in sectors. arXiv version

  • A conjectural refinement of strong multiplicity one for GL(n). arXiv version

  • On the occurrence of large positive Hecke eigenvalues for GL(2). arXiv version
            Automorphic forms and related topics 259-266, Contemp. Math., 732, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2019. MR3973302

  • On the distribution of Hecke eigenvalues for cuspidal automorphic representations for GL(2). arXiv version
            International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2018, Issue 10, 18 May 2018, Pages 3155-3172. MR3805199

  • Distinguishing finite group characters and refined local-global phenomena (with Kimball Martin). arXiv version
            Acta Arithmetica, 179 (2017), 277-300. MR3681582

  • Matching densities for Galois representations. arXiv version
            Proceedings of the AMS, 144 (2016), no. 8, 3309-3316. MR3503699

  • On the occurrence of Hecke eigenvalues and a lacunarity question of Serre. arXiv version
            Mathematical Research Letters, 21 (2014), no. 6, 1465-1482. MR3335857

  • Further refinement of strong multiplicity one for GL(2). arXiv version
            Transactions of the AMS, 366 (2014), no.9, 4987-5007. MR3217707

  • On the size of Satake parameters for unitary cuspidal automorphic representations for GL(4). arXiv version
            Journal of Number Theory, 133 (2013), no. 10, 3470-3484. MR3071823

  • Thesis: Supersingular distribution, congruence class bias, and a refinement of strong multiplicity one. Caltech page
           California Institute of Technology, 2011. MR3153250

  • Supersingular distribution on average for congruence classes of primes. arXiv version
            Acta Arithmetica 142 (2010), no. 4, 387-400. MR2640067

    .: Teaching

    This semester I am the instructor for
    Applied Statistics I (MA1020),
    Math for Life (MA1005).

    Selected earlier teaching:
    FirstBridge Instructor (AUP) for The Mathematical Imagination, Calculating Politics
    Instructor (AUP) for Calculus I (MA1030), Linear Algebra (MA2041)
    Instructor (Occidental College) for Ma105: Mathematics for Liberal Arts.
    'Assistant Principal' (EPFL)for Algèbre linéaire.
    Developed (at EPFL) a graduate course on Artin representations.
    Instructor (Caltech) for Topics in Number Theory.

    .: Links

    The American University of Paris - CSMES
    Occidental College Mathematics
    University of Zurich Mathematics
    Berkeley Mathematics
    Caltech Mathematics
    The arXiv
    Mathematics genealogy
    Number theory web