CM1023B Project: Classroom vs Real World - How People Consume the News

In the Spring semester, 2017, Professor Westley’s class CM1023b undertook a research project into their peers’ news consumption. The research methodology was triangulated through three different stages and modes of enquiry.

Stage 1: The class filled out detailed news diaries of their news consumption over one week. These diaries were then analysed by a group of students (group 1). The data analysis was presented to the class in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, when each student explained his/her own slides. Their findings were further summarised in an essay.

Stage 2: A second group of students designed and sent out a news survey to the AUP student body. There were 80 respondents. The group then analysed these results and compared them with the results from group 1 to identify trends and differences. The research was presented to the class in a PowerPoint presentation and summarised in an essay.

Stage 3: A third group of students examined research into international millennials’ news consumption. They then compared this research with the findings of group 2. Similarly, the results were first presented and explained in a PowerPoint presentation and then summarised in an essay.

This website presents their findings, their discussion of the data and their conclusions.

With special thanks to Fiona Battersby, Margaret Griffin and the Civic Media Lab.