THE WRLD VIEWinternet edition


Education and wireless technology in developing countries



The first time that I used a computer I was thirteen years old. The year was 1996; I had just migrated to the United States from Jamaica, a classified developing nation. Most children in the United States of America and Europe were already exposed to the computer and its benefits, why are children in the developing world still a step behind the rest of the world in technology education? This special issue aims to answer the former question. More importantly the following articles will explore the development of wireless technology and the way it can be used by educators in developing countries to communicate knowledge to their youngsters so that they can help themselves and experience technological development parallel to the rest of the world. The developing world is in a constant state of trying to ‘catch up’ to the West in terms of social and technological development. Wireless technology can be a tool that enables sustainable development starting now. The youngsters of today in developing countries can be educated simultaneously and on the same level as children in the West........................... Read more