Playing With


I really enjoyed the time we spent playing with and learning Python. I didn’t know that you could use Python to commuicate — literally. Coding a conversation with a bot is something I did not expect to know how to do at any point in my life, let alone a sentence I ever expected to mutter in any context. However, Python turned out to be rather straightforward in function (though the execution is different story).

I remember different apps that were revolutionary for their inclusion of bots that I used to play with on my iPod touch. It scared me then, to be communicating with someone I could not see, and to be honest, it still scares me now. It was easy to understand how Chat GPT exists after spending some time on Python; playing with Python made AI seem even more extensive and powerful because I started to think about how it was created — how people were able to code a humanlike service, to give birth to an all-knowing robot. How did we go from programming a fake Pizza delivery call to programming a service that can tell me my ideal color palette based on my skin and hair hex codes?

Python clearly seems to have paved the way for this, and it makes me feel as inspired as it does unsettled.