"Coded Bias" Reflection

When I think about Artificial Intelligence (AI), I think about chatbots and robots coming to life — which is exactly how the documentary, “Coded Bias,” begins. Our perceptions of AI tend to be rooted in science fiction films and television, as opposed to its real-world applications, which can be harmful if not blatantly dangerous. One of the principle themes of the documentary is the biases embedded in technology, which affects AI’s real-world applications: surveillance cameras, face recognition technology, workplace algorithms, etc. These applications are informed by the racist and sexist environments they are built in, making machines “not ethical, just mathematical.” The consequences range from people losing jobs (because an algorithm diagnosed them as unfit and incapable) to targeted harassment on the street (because an algorithm found them guilty). Left unchecked, these applications of AI can continue to wreak havoc and harm individuals all across the globe.

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