AUP's Whitemask theater group has announced its spring play: On the Beach by Steve Waters.

Auditions will be Monday 1 February, 2010. In G-44, which is up the stairs beyond the Subway sandwich stand in Grenelle. You can sign up for an audition time in the Grenelle lobby.

On the Beach is a play that tells the story of four people facing an environmental disaster on the North East coast of England. It raises questions such as: what is the role of science in politics? How much of who we are comes from our parents? How do people react to a natural disaster? In two acts, over 120 minutes, the characters live through the most important moments of their lives.

The Whitemask spring play will perform in late April for a student audience, then on graduation weekend as part of the president's symposium on "Sustainable development of the Global Commons", when it will be open to conference participants, returning alumni, and everyone in town for graduation.

The director, is looking for four actors who will enjoy rehearsing as a game "what if". What if we were facing a natural disaster. What if climate change were directly threatening our lives. What if we felt we knew how to solve the problem... how might we react, and why?

Please come to auditions to find out more. Come even if you have no stage experience. Come if you have lots. Come ready to play. The audition should be fun and low stress.